Only 13 times a day?

According to this article I was just reading, research shows that the average woman (not sure about the guys, maybe they don’t have this problem) has 13 negative thoughts daily about their bodies, and I think this applies to women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Are you kidding me – only 13?

Let’s be honest here. Flabby upper arms, thunder thighs, protruding tummies, big butt, fat legs, there’s so much to complain about. Although I’ve never actually counted how many times a day I’ve thought bad things about a certain part of my anatomy, I’m pretty sure it’s more than 13 😆 .

Sometimes I see a flash of myself passing by a mirror at the mall and I’m going, OMG look at that tummy and then I try to suck it in.

Since there’s no way I could possibly survive a slimming diet or apidexin, I’ve been going to the gym in the hopes of, well, making that tummy a little less obvious but (and that’s a big but) I’m still having to suck it in 😆 .

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  • Mrs H

    Hahaha I totally feel you there! I’ve had the stomach flu for the last few days and the “silver lining” is that my pants fit better :). We should both try to do it less and feel better about our bodies tho!

    I found you via twitter…you can check out my blog too at

    PS I love the little piggy!

  • ThaiHoa Burroughs

    Hum…I think you are right. There’s got to be more than just 13. Suppose that is on the “average.” I was starting my new routine this week but failed. So try again next week. There is always hope.