Accidentally miso

So it seems we just can’t get that Las Vegas miso soup out of our heads. The girls and I went out for ice cream last week and ended up having dinner at a Japanese restaurant. This miso soup is vaguely reminiscent of the one at Bally’s, Las Vegas.

I’m a tempura person but I could just as well do without the rice and the fried egg. Finding a soggy omelette sandwiched between the rice and the tempura was something of a surprise.

The sushi platter was only half-filled. What a strange arrangement!

Oh well, at least the miso soup was halfway decent. Yes, the girls and I shared these 2 orders before we went for ice cream.

So what kind of Japanese food person are you – a tempura person, a sushi person or a sashimi person?

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One Comment

  • Amanda

    I love sushi- I just got my 4 1/2 year old to try it and he realized he likes it too! New follower found you on the hop.