Ready for spring… rolls?

I will admit I’m quite the sucker for spring rolls. Wontons, not so much. But my spring rolls are completely meatless yet oh so tasty, just perfect for our vegetarian days.

You just need to shred up a Chinese turnip and a carrot into long, thin strips to make the filling. If you’re not into meatless, add some minced pork. Stirfry till soft with some cooking oil, a circle of soy sauce, and salt and pepper to taste.

Next you spoon enough of the filling onto a spring roll sheet to make a long, thin wrap like this. You use the same technique as if you were wrapping something in a sheet of paper – i.e. fold the sheet over the filling and roll, fold in the two sides and continue rolling. Secure the end with a flour/water mixture and you’re ready to deepfry.

Yes, this utterly delicious spring roll is deepfried but don’t you be thinking about what are the diet pills you’ll be needing now. First off, you’re not eating this every day. Secondly, they couldn’t be any worse off than french fries, I don’t think! 😉 . Lastly, be sure you soak up all that excess oil with kitchen towels and you’ll be okay. Enjoy!

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