Meals, movies and Valentine’s Day

My alarm clock fails to ring. It’s the crack of dawn Valentine’s morning. It’s gym day, yay! I love gym days. So off we go, Raine and I!

We get home and I whip up my miscellaneous fruit juice and we have some miscellaneous snacks between surfing the net and skyping with Steev while he’s cooking and eating dinner.

Lunch time rolls around but wait, we have to pick up Skye from school before we feast on the weekend’s leftovers.

The highlight of the day involves roasting honeyed 5-spice chicken drumsticks at the height of a thunderstorm. And watching the movie Tangled for the second time this week.

So you get the idea. V-Day is a really big deal for us.

If you’re celebrating, Happy Valentine’s and may your day be filled with an excellent workout, a fun family meal and a great movie with the ones you love! 😉

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