Nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan’s little white dress

I have to admit not all of my time spent this week has been entirely productive. For instance, I spent more than a few minutes starring at that little white dress Lindsay Lohan wore to the courthouse wondering how many hundred hours of workout it would take anyone to be able to fit into something so small and tight.

Speaking of working out, one of my gym buddies asked me why I’m so hardworking these days. Is it because you’ve been eating too much? he asked. I guess it shows, huh?! The fact that this is 10th day of the Lunar New Year (there are a total of 15) and I have yet to step into a single restaurant for any of those huge, customary meals.

It’s true, I’ve been working my butt off, literally but only because Raine is now my gym partner and we really inspire each other. We get into the gym and we’re off doing new and different workouts and crazy stuff like those breaks where we sit on the workout mats and girl talk in hushed tones.

I think this mother-daughter bonding is reason enough to jump out of bed before day break and race to the gym, even with the knowledge that we’re light years from fitting into Lindsay Lohan’s little white dress. As for that gym buddy who asked the magic question, well, he ain’t my buddy any more 😯 !

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  • Judy

    How great that you have someone to work out with that can help push you, and vice versa! If everyone were the same size and Lindsey Lohan, think of how fat she would look :). I started following you on Twitter (@judywhatilive4) during a Twitter Hop and clicked over here to see what you’ve been saying on your blog and realized I’ve been following your blog for a while now…now I get to see you on Twitter too 🙂

  • Tiffany Christie

    Here from the bloghop.
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  • Ginger Sines

    following u on twitter and ur blog thanx for following my blog u can follow on twitter of mine if u wanna