Lost but all is not lost

I heard that someone at the gym lost her cell phone the other day. She’d left it in one of the pigeon holes and gone home, only to realize oops! She called the gym immediately and was told it wasn’t there any more. Gone. for. good!

Steev lost his iPhone while he, me and the girls were peddling a rickshaw (like crazy, I might add, it was such great fun!) along this busy beach front in Monterey.

Have you ever lost your cell phone? Can you imagine losing all your contacts and personal settings? OMG, such a big headache!

We split up and backtracked, tracing our steps back along the entire length of the beach front but we might as well be looking for a needle in a haystack.

Finally, Steev decided to call his own number hoping its ringing would lead us to it. Instead a guy answered and said he had the phone and that he would wait for Steev to meet him along that same stretch of beach. What a dear soul!

So Steev got his phone back. Quite effortlessly, I might add, though we were really doubtful at first. It was a happy ending, one that we didn’t even dare to hope for.

In most cases, chances are if you lose your cell phone, you will never see it again. And you can only hope and pray that whoever’s got it isn’t using it to call the rest of this planet and beyond before you can make a report and get your number deactivated. Peace!

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  • Lanae

    I would die if I lost my phone. I never have in all these years, and my first phone was in ’95. I want to get an iPhone as I am due for an upgrade. I would guard it with my life!

  • Diplo_daddy

    My wife lost here crackberry (Blackberry) while on vacation in Plymouth, England, a few months back. And like you, some nice old couple found it and kept it safe until we were able to meet up. You’re very lucky, indeed.

    • Clairity

      @lanae, debbie
      Good that you’re never lost your phones, hope you never do 🙂 It’s a real pain!

      Your wife is lucky too someone nice found it.

      @steph, jen
      I know we were really lucky it didn’t fall into the wrong hands.

  • blinka.li

    lucky of you to get back the iPhone; I suppose it will be gone for good back home if it happens!! Btw,I haven’t got the time to post anything yet!! ahhhh!! busy…;)

  • Trisha

    I lost my cell phone in front of my home. Some kid had picked it up on the way to school. I kept calling it and he kept answering it. He never said anything, but I did. I’m the neighborhood mommy and so I let this lil creep know that I saw him take my phone (not really) and I’ll see him when he passes by my house. Needless to say, my son found the cell phone tossed in the driveway later that evening. My kids and the guy are now like brothers. LOL

  • Clairity

    Yup, good to know there are some honest young people out there.

    What a great trick, so glad you got your phone back and your kids found a new friend LOL!