I stole the ace

I came across this meme on Sunday Stealing and found some of the questions rather interesting, so I decided to steal some of them.

1. Have you been out of your home country?

Sure, lots of times. I’m kinda in two places 😆 .

2. Ever done a prank call?

Sure, who hasn’t?

3. Do you think everyone out there has a soul mate?

Off the top of my head, I would say no. Then again, who knows? Maybe I just haven’t found mine yet 😉 .

4. What were you doing before you did Stealing?

Surfing the net and goofing around with my girls.

5. What do you get complimented about most?

Hmm, I don’t get a lot of compliments. Not as much as I get negative comments like “gosh, you’re much thinner than when I last saw you, have you lost weight?”

Apparently being thin is a crime. Well, actually, I’m not thin, I’m just not overweight. I suspect folks think a woman with 3 teens should be overweight. I think people actually liked me better when I was wearing frumpy clothes.

I used to get upset when people told me I’ve lost weight because the hidden meaning is “you poor thing, you must be stressed or unhappy or not eating/sleeping right”. I’d take that as an insult and it’d completely ruin my day.

But then, I got to thinking, heck, I work very hard to be slim and toned, so why should I feel insulted? So now I mentally convert that “insult” into a compliment, heh!

6. Have you ever had braces?

Nope. Don’t laugh 😆 .

7. What do you want for your birthday?

A new car but I can’t afford one right now and I think it’ll be a little much to expect one to magically appear on my doorstep with a red bow tied around it.

8. What is one thing you liked about high school?

In retrospect, I loved everything about high school, even the stuff that weren’t so fun or funny at the time.

9. Do you like your handwriting?

Yes, I’m told it looks like print so I’m actually quite proud of it 😆 .

10. What is your favorite lunch meat?

Turkey ham.

11. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

I would after I get to know me better.

12. Do looks matter?

Yes, there’s a definite advantage to being good-looking. The good news is these days, no one needs to look good any more. Good looks are out of fashion.

I mean, if people like Robert P, Kirsten S and (goodness gracious) even Justin B are considered hot, there’s definitely hope for the rest of us, doncha think?

13. Would you rather gain 58 pounds or lose 58 pounds?

Lose 58 pounds. If I gained 58 pounds, I’d have to lose it all back somehow, so that’s double the work! On the other hand, if I lost 58 pounds, I’d be a twig! So I don’t know.

14. Do you use sarcasm?

All the time. But sarcasm isn’t as bad as you think because a lot of people just don’t get it! It goes *whoosh* right over their heads!

15. Mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese?

Mashed potatoes with tons of bacon bits and green onions.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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  • Krissy @ Mommy Misc

    Wow, the Mashed Potato comment really made me hungry, haha 🙂

    I’m following you from Fun Follow Friday. (Better late than never, right?) I hope you can visit us and follow back! Have a great Sunday!

    Mommy Misc

  • Ellie

    I’m stopping by from the Relax and Surf Sunday Blog Hop and I’m your newest follower. Also following on Twitter. If you get a minute please stop by and follow back.

    Have a super week,

  • Busy Momi Bee

    Stopping through from Thursday’s Twitter Hop! Now following:) To answer #1 I have been to London and Paris. #15 Homemade mac n cheese, I love to make it and eat it..Wow I am getting hungry now..LOL!