So this is what bliss feels like

So I’m still sorting through our thousands of vacation photos at snail’s pace. Not to worry, I’ll get them all done before Christmas 😆 . While I’m doing that, let me just ramble on about what’s going on in other news…

So I’ve just been woken up to the fact that the Lunar New Year (February 3) is next week and asked if I’m ready for it. Truth is I haven’t done a thing. I just haven’t been able to get my engine started since I got back from CA!

Luckily for me, being a Buddhist, I’m spared the pressure to decorate my house with lucky red charms, prosperity plants and lucky fengshui items. None of those superstitions, whew!

No rushing to the store to jostle with everyone else either. No need for red clothing, bah! No baking up a storm. No need to join the rush back to hometown (we just got back from there 😉 ). Skye has a whole week off school.

Lovely! We don’t get many visitors, neither do we have anyone to visit. Yes, we are boring like that! Just the way I like it, sans politics and drama. Ommm!

I do what I pretty much please. It’s very liberating. Everyone should try it once, if they dare 😆 !


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