Falling in love with Venice Beach

One of the great things about traveling the way we do, i.e. driving ourselves around instead of following the dictates of an organized tour, is that it gives us the opportunity to lose our way (sometimes deliberately) and stumble on the most incredible sights, sounds and tastes.

Steev had inadvertently booked us into the Holiday Inn Express at Venice Beach, just down the road from this incredible stretch of beach. See that pier right here on the right side of the photo? That’s where the Backstreet Boys filmed the video for one of our favorite songs, Inconsolable. Imagine that, we were walking in their footsteps!

After our evening walk along the pier in the chilly ocean breeze, we were looking for a place to eat and to escape the cold. As it happened, our car was parked right outside this unassuming little Italian restaurant called the C&O Trattoria and we decided on the spur of the moment to go inside.

It was nice and warm inside but not fancy so don’t expect anyEgyptian cotton linens. As we were taking off our coats, our waiter, Mark, was plopping down a huge plate of these.

What are they? I asked him. Pieces of heaven, he replied with a mysterious smile. One bite and we knew he wasn’t kiddin’! Hands down, the tastiest garlic bread, er balls, we ever tasted! And Mark kept bringing us more throughout our meal.

One of our main meals was Linguine with Lobster. When I saw the word ‘lobster’, I just went nuts. And this… was to die for. Seriously!

The Shrimp Alfredo was soupir too! Not too heavy yet full of flavor.

Yup, that’s all we ordered. The portions were so big it took the 4 of us to finish just these 2 pastas. And after dinner, as we sat around chatting and enjoying that last bit of warmth before bracing ourselves for the blistery cold, I felt I just had to leave Mark this little note.

Venice Beach, we’ll be back! Count on it! 😉

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