Missing in action

This is only the third day of school this year for Skye since we just got back from Hometown last weekend. She was thrilled about getting to miss school for an entire 2 weeks while we were away. The ongoing joke was that she might return to find she’s been kicked out of school to which her reaction was always, I hope so, I really don’t mind 😆 .

As usual, we had some well-meaning family members telling us that we really shouldn’t let her miss school since this is the year of her major school exam. So what? It’s only 2 weeks and it’s not like she won’t be able to catch up, just like that!

Today she’s supposed to be staying back in school till 4pm for extracurricular activities but since she’s running some rashes due to the cold, dry winter, I went to pick her up early from school.

You should’ve seen the grin on her face. It was priceless!

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