Help, need to put on weight!

Okay, so I messed up. Maybe being in store filled with Levi’s everything from ceiling to floor was a little too much for me.

The first pair I bought was totally love at first sight. They fit me like a glove and that’s the way I like my jeans. For me, jeans have to hug, there’s just no two ways about it. I loved that pair so much I went straight out for more.

But as they say, love is blind. I was so blinded I bought two more pairs. In size 8. You know what, I’m not even a size 8!! I’m a size 6!

There’d been a split moment when I was trying them on that I thought they might’ve been on the loose side? But in the frenzy of me and the girls in that stuffy fitting room trying on about 20 pairs of jeans, I carelessly brushed that thought aside and decided maybe I’d lost some weight due to all that traveling.

What was I thinking?! Grrrr!

By the time I had a moment’s quiet and reality hit home, I’d already ripped out the tags and worn and washed my size 8s 👿 ! So I couldn’t return them or hand them down to my girls either because they’re both “bigger” than me. Do you think it’d work if I soaked my jeans in a tubful of slimming pills!?! 😯

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