Reaching for great heights

Raine must’ve caught the shoe bug while I wasn’t looking. I’ve lost count of how many pairs of heels Raine has fallen in love with. When we’re at the mall and suddenly the whole world stops, it’s because she got waylaid by yet another irresistible pair of heels. We’re talking 4 inch, 5 inch stilts here. You could blind someone with those!!

Just before we left for California, Raine was trying on this really hot pair of heels. So hot it sparkles (not you, Edward!)

Here she is again, at Baker’s in California, thrilled at finally finding the shoe that fits!! She was beaming and I was $60 poorer when we stepped out of the store.

I may be the original shoe monster but I’m afraid of heights. ’nuff said! So I won’t lie and say I’ll be able to step into those and not end up sitting on the floor before the third step.

Ah, whence did my fair princess learn to strut so elegantly at such heights!! I knew I should’ve kept those Barbies away from her when she was little.

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