From Venice Beach to Vegas

After spending a yummy Italian dinner and an early morning stroll on Venice Beach near LA, we jumped into the car again for what seemed like the longest drive ever. To Las Vegas!

Steev had been invited to CES 2011 (something about consumer electronics?) and that was what this doodah was all about. We had to get to Vegas before they opened the doors to the public.

While Steev was at the show for the 2 days, the girls and I watched TV in the hotel room and painted the town red, well, not exactly ‘cos Caesar with his old-fashioned thinking would never approve 😉 …

… and we stumbled upon the best tasting and most authentic Japanese lunch at a restaurant in Bally’s. Most noticeably, the sushi came draped in hefty slices of raw fish and shrimp (as opposed to the pathetic little slices we get back home). The food was so good we asked for the menu again and ordered some more, and have since declared ourselves reborn Japanese food lovers.

On the drive home, we stumbled upon snow at the Tehachapi Pass. You’d think we stumbled on gold with all the excitement of fishing out cameras and snapping pictures left and right. In fact, we’d been seeing snow (in California? seriously!) as we drove to Vegas. How cool is that!!

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