Coasting into a new year

We’re back! From the Land of No Internet. We’ve been driving up and down the Californian coast from LA to San Diego. Aah, this is the life!

We sent out 2010 in a cloud of smoke at Universal Studios, Hollywood…

and spent the first day of 2011 with Shamu, Seamore and a bunch of talented dogs, cats, pigs and birds at Sea World, San Diego and…

… the second day of the new year visiting with our fellow earthlings and stalking these 3 polar bears. Two of them are brother and sister, and the biggest one is probably their long-lost aunt from the Arctic (who knows!?).

All I know is they’re fascinating to watch for creatures that size and yet so graceful. Mother Nature is incredible indeed 😀 !

From San Diego, we drove back up the coast to LA to check out the chilly, windy beaches. Brrrrr to the bone is what it is as we took a late evening stroll along Venice Beach under thousands of glittering stars.

Just a day in LA and even the city girl that I am, found it all a little too hectic, what with the traffic jams going on there!?! 😆

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