Omigosh days

The girls are having their first taste of winter as in the brrrrrr sense of the word. I don’t think they ever imagined winter could be as cold, rainy, windy or foggy as this. We’re in the 40’s most days. Good experience for them!

We’ve driven over 1500 miles up and down the coast of California in 2 and a half weeks. Half the fun is the adventure of seeing new sights, trying new turns and just taking it easy.

Skye (our resident sleepyhead): OMG, it’s going to take us how many hours to get to LA again?!! Man, I’ll probably be sleeping all the way there. 😳

Me: No, you won’t. There’ll be lots to see.

I don’t think she half-believed me at first. But pretty soon, she was going…

OMG, the hills are alive…

OMG, Hollywood! We’re in Hollywood!

Hey look, there’s Santa!

OMG, those are so pretty, Mom!

So much to see and all these colors in the dead of winter! I remember a 10-hour drive’s worth of brown, brown, brown nothingness from Brisbane to Rockhampton in Australia in the springtime. Just sayin’! 😀

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