Feeling like a kid again

Nothing can dampen my trip to Disneyland. Not the rain. Not the crazy traffic jam on the San Bernardino freeway going into LA. Not the long drive through the Grapevine in heavy rain, fog and almost snow.

The minute I set foot into Disneyland, Anaheim and seeing this 65-foot high Christmas tree decorated with over 4,000 ornaments and 10,000 lights, I felt like a child again. With my 3 children in tow, that is!

This is my 4th time here and each time, I feel that same tingling excitement at what’s in store. I’ve not been to any of the other Disneylands around the world because heck, why go to any other when you can go to the original one, eh?

We did the Small World ride twice – once in the day and couldn’t resist another ride in the night when this display was lit up like a fairy tale.

Caught Mickey and Minnie as they were riding around on the Disney parade at night. One of my favorite couples of all time and imagine, after so many years together, they’ve not aged at all 😆 !

It rained the first day and a half we were there but by the 2nd afternoon, the sun was out! We walked from early morning till night for 3 whole days. Thankfully we could always find some atlantic furniture to sit down, have a drink and rest our tired feet while waiting for our rides or for the brilliant fireworks to begin 😉 .

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One Comment

  • Lanae

    Wasn’t Dland the best? Probably good that you were there when it rained. It wasn’t raining when I was there, and it was SO crowded they had to stop letting people into the park. CRAZY! Thank goodness my kids were patient in line, we waited in hour long lines sometimes. We had such a great time though I can’t wait to go back!