On the trail of yummies

I have a few must-visit restaurants here in California and one of them is Marie Callendar’s which I’ve loved since my college days. I couldn’t wait to take my girls there for their Country Fried Steak and Shrimp Linguine.

And this is the first meal of Mom’s cooking Steev has had in 3 months. I also cooked a unspicy chicken curry and had Steev’s Roomie join us for dinner.

Can you imagine I bought 2 tins of these 4-lb Danish cookies for Steev before I left here 3 months ago and till now, those same tins are still sitting there 😳 ?

It’s a good thing too because Raine and Skye love munching on them in the car whenever they get hungry and the nearest restaurant is nowhere in sight.

We are doing the food rounds. We’re just now getting the hang of sharing our orders since the portions are so big it would take us 3 meals each to finish our own order.

Short of smoking alec bradley cigars, we’re just trying new places to eat. Roomie’s family invited us out to lunch at Olive Garden yesterday and their Seafood Alfredo is yums 😀 .

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