This time last year

Let’s see, where were we? Yup, at the Hard Rock Hotel on the sunny island of Penang. Sea breeze. Sand in our toes. Yummy food. Good times.

At around this time every year, we would be trying to decide where to go on holiday. We’d have these pow-wow sessions to discuss a list of vacation places – popular places that everyone else is visiting, places that our friends and family have suggested or recently visited, places we think might be interesting to visit, or just plain old places we’ve been before.

Thing is unless we move to another planet, the outcome would inadvertently be the same. We would end up staying home. Which my kids, strangely enough, don’t seem to mind at all. As long as they’ve got their computer games, they’re happy campers 😆 .

But this year, we didn’t even need a pow-wow session. Lucky for us too, California is right here on Planet Earth!

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