The almost annual meatball run

We were out Saturday morning trying to figure out what to eat when Raine suggested meatballs. We happened to be in the vicinity of I-k-ugh, a place we have no reason to visit at any other time of the year except for the maybe once-a-year cranberry sauce Swedish meatballs.

Their cafeteria is reminiscent of a school canteen minus the flies – thankfully. In spite of that, somehow, it’s always packed which probably explains why they never bothered upgrading the place or the service. Tsk tsk!

Oh did I mention the cafeteria is governed by an old school marm who bosses you around if you so much as step out of line. The coffee line, that is, where the coffee machines are more often out of order than not.

Anyhow seeing as how the store is a tourist attraction for out-of-towners and a playground for kids and extended families, we are wise to avoid the place like the plague. Then too, we’re clearly not cool or yuppy enough to be carting home their stuff by the truckloads.

I mean, they have great designs but their stuff are not built to last and frankly I don’t have the time to keep running out to replace broken cupboards or doors that fall off.

Anyways back to the meatballs. As you might’ve guessed, we got there too early for meatballs. They were still serving breakfast and we didn’t fancy waiting around for lunch to start. At the rate the receipt printer was dinging, it was obvious the weekend crowd was starting to build up.

So we picked on a few bits of breakfast and didn’t even bother refilling our coffee. We had to make a hasty exit before we went deaf from a young boy bringing down the roof with his continuous squealing while his mother just sat there doing nothing! And that wraps up our annual trip to I-k-ugh!

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  • Lanae

    I am still laughing over the fact you guys went to Ikea just to eat the swedish meatballs! The one closest to us is always a crazy zoo too, so we hardly ever go, but we just went browsing over the weekend. My hubby and I were without our kids who were with my parents so we didn’t have to deal with any meltdowns…and we had a nice little lunch together first(not at Ikea). LOL!

  • mott

    maybe the mom who did nothing, didn’t want to do anything. sometimes, I’m like that. tantrums are best left ignored. i find they quieten down much faster, than if I were to continually ask them…”What do you want?”


    • Clairity

      You must be a very patient mom 😆 . Ignoring them for a short while is okay but 15 mins is much too long to tolerate. This kid was definitely doing it for the attention and I don’t blame the poor thing, seeing as how his mother ignores him big time, just sayin’. He would stop for a few seconds, look around to see if anyone was looking at him and then start again once he reconfirms there’s a roomful of audience to play out to. 😀 .

  • jennifer

    my husband loves the ikea meatballs, i liked the roasted chicken but the last time we were there it was off the menu.

    sometimes i wonder how parents can let their kids scream forever, aren’t they annoyed too?