Dressing up Barbies

Raine is supposed to keep her eyeballs glued to her books. Instead one afternoon, she and Skye decided to empty out the top shelf of their closet, all because I asked if anyone had a spare box I could use to stow away some of my costume jewelry.

Out came all of their prized childhood possessions from the top shelf – cute keepsakes, artsy boxes, beloved tote bags and scarves with art prints, and these Barbies…

Excitedly, the girls recalled how thrilled they were when I finally redeemed them a Barbie each from a reward card that I had. What to do when Mom is so bent on educational toys that all her kids ever got were Legos, Legos and more Legos?

The girls have spent many happy hours combing Barbies’ hair and dressing them up. See the one with the red dress? That’s a homemade dress Raine, our resident fashionista, made from a stretch of red ribbon. So cute 😆 !

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