Pulling out the food stops

My kids know that come major school exam time, Mom will (usually) pull out all the stops and say yes to all of their food requests. It’s Raine’s turn to call the shots this year. The other day, she has requested for pancakes (for now). I went out the very next day and got all the ingredients to make pancakes for 2 pancake breakfasts.

This is the time I make sure we have plenty of snacks and fun food around the house. Rocking the books can really work up an enormous appetite and every now and then, someone will sneak down to the kitchen to rummage for something to eat!

My philosophy is – feed the tummy and you feed the brain. So whatever Raine wants to eat, I’ll cook it or bake it, by hook or by crook. During exams, we try to stay off outside food because I don’t trust the cleanliness and hygiene of our food here, no offense!

Digging through my pantry for food ideas, I stumbled upon a packet of orange and poppy seed muffin mix that had expired last month. No big deal!

Remember those good old days when stuff didn’t come with expiry dates and we happily ate up everything in sight without a thought for those pesky use-by dates. Well, I decided to bake the muffins and eat them anyway.

Skye, my trusty sous chef, was on hand to help me with these. They turned out great and use-by dates aside, we’re still here to rave about them 😆 !

Next on the list of requests are Buffalo Wings, baked potato, cookies, um, anything else you’d like to grace your royal palate, O Fair Princess? 😉

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