Don’t bank on it!

There’s good reason why I hate going to the bank. This bank in particular. Judging from the last entry in my passbook, the last time I stepped in there was way back in March and I certainly wouldn’t have gone there if I didn’t have a check to deposit.

I’m greeted at the information desk by not 1, not 2 but 3 staff who’ve probably been chit-chatting about acsonix reviews right up till then. I ask if I need to get a number to wait in line. The guy asks what I want to do and when he hears I need to deposit a check, he points me over to the machine.

Now I’ve never trusted any machine that sucks up my money. So I make up this story about having some other stuff to take care of and hope they’ll just give me a number. But no, he now asks me what else I want to do. As if that’s any business of his!

So I mumble something about a time deposit account. The lady behind the desk whips out a form and the guy points me to a free-standing counter to fill it up. By this time, I’m wondering why I even bothered making up that story about the time deposit.

So I march back to the information desk to demand for a number. Are you done filling the form? the guy asks in disbelief. Yup, I lied through my teeth. I don’t think he was convinced. But enough is enough!

The lady behind the desk reluctantly presses a button on her machine to generate a number slip for me. Remember the joke about how many men it takes to change a light bulb? Well, the joke here is how many empty barrels does it take a press a button? And the answer is 3!

Thankfully the wait was short. I hand the bank teller my check. He whips it out of my hand and says OK. I’m like, OK what? That’s it? He stares at me blankly. So where’s my receipt? as if that wasn’t obvious enough to him.

Oh! He slowly awakens and hands me the slip. Okay, so tell me, why am I, the customer, having to tell him what to do? If I know his job better than him, why the heck is he sitting there handling my money? Herein lies an even better reason why I call this the completely idiotic and moronic bank.

For the record, I’ve only been banking with them because they’re located so conveniently near by. When I come back from my vacation, am I going to continue banking with them? Um, I’d say don’t bank on it!

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  • Heather

    I don’t trust machines either…so what the hell are the tellers for if you can’t go to them and deposit a check? What are they there for? To look pretty? I don’t get what their job is then…..

    Yeah I would switch!