A simple meal of thanks

Like I said, I was going to cook a really simple Thanksgiving dinner this year since there’s just us girls. I marinated said bird overnight for extra flavor and voila, here’s my Rosemary Turkey in Disguise with super-crispy skin!

Ya, it’s okay to eat the skin andyou won’t be needing diet pills if it’s so crispy that all the fat’s melted off 😆 ! That’s my philosophy anyways.

This is our romaine salad with bacon bits lovingly tossed by Skye.

And the garlic bread that she made. The baked potato soup was a last-minute switch from the roast potatoes I’d planned to make earlier. I rarely make soups from scratch and this is purely experimental. It turned out okay but a little mushy, according to our resident food reviewers.

The whole meal took me 2.5 hours to put together. Not too bad, huh?

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating! And may you have a bountiful Black Friday!

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