Girls’ day out with my youngest

Skye and I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving this morning. Just the two of us. Raine is cramming for her big exam so we left her at home with a bit of quiet study time. Looks like this will be the first of a good many girls’ days out for Skye and me in the coming weeks while Raine hits the books. Yay!

For Thanksgiving next week, I’m going to roast a large chicken and potatoes, and put together a simple salad. Steev will be celebrating Thanksgiving with his roommate and his parents in California. So without our big eater, we’re just going to cook something simple here.

We set out armed with a long list of ingredients to buy and as usual, we still managed to miss out some items. Sigh! But never mind, that means we get to go out again tomorrow 😀 . The perfect excuse for another girls’ day out!

And since Tyson, our playful little beagle, has chewed up practically everything within his reach including his collar, Skye has been wanting to buy him a new one and a few new toys as well. I don’t think he deserves them but she is intent on spoiling him. That’s Skye, our pet lover! No wonder Tyson is crazy about her 😉 !

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