Taking toddlers on trips – is it worth the trouble?

… if you can even call it that.

So anyhow the girls are getting all excited about our upcoming trip to Disneyland, CA. The last time we made a trip to Anaheim with the kids, Raine was only 3 years old, Steev was 5 and Skye was a wee babe who was too young to come with us.

One of my girl friends was sayingit’s pointless bringing kids on long, expensive trips when they’re toddlers because well, if they’re like her son, they won’t remember a single thing about the trip so it’s like they never went at all.

I tend to be less concerned about them remembering the trip. I just want it to be an adventure for them, a chance to expose them to new sights and sounds. And the best thing for me, as a parent, is getting a glimpse of our crazy world through their eyes.

It’s always so much fun having them with me (though I darned near broke my back that time lugging two kids around for those 3 weeks 😆 ) and just seeing their excited smiles was good enough for me, seriously!

And both Steev and Raine remember our Disneyland trip well. Who says toddlers can’t remember? Raine happily recalls us buying her a princess tiara which she proudly wore as we walked out of the store on Main Street USA!

That tiara is now one of her prized possessions and even now, once in a while, she takes it out of her closet, carefully places it on her head and dances around with it.

Good times! It’s really nice to have those memories and keepsakes to treasure and those photos on our stair wall, of course. If you ask me, it’s totally worth the time, money and even breaking my back 😉 .

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  • Charmaine

    Hi, have been quietly following your blog. I think any adventure is great for children, no matter how young they are. They may not remember everything but they will remember what’s important to them. We have been travelling with our girls when they were at a young age, and they do remember some bits. Plus there are always photos and videos to prompt your memories. Enjoy your holidays with your family.