Of broken connections and hair disasters

Apart from the usual stuff that I’m always up to, like working out, shopping (which I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about) and eating out, we had a bit of excitement last week when our internet connection got cut off. I thought it was our stupid ISP up to its nonsense again but soon realized it was because someone hadn’t paid the bill for months while I was away in CA.

It was a Friday afternoon and I almost feared we’d never get our connection back till this week and we’d have to spend the weekend in withdrawal. Imagine my amazement when we got our connection back within 2 hours!! I totally believe in miracles now.

Oh and I set out to have my hair trimmed but ended up with a completely different style altogether. Story of my life. Now I’ve got like this pixie cut which makes me look very handsome 🙄 .

I mean, it’s a great hair style to have if you work out a lot and sweat a lot, like me, but I’m less than enthusiastic about looking like one of the boys, if you catch my drift. Which means that while waiting for my hair to grow out, I need to put on more make-up, wear some earrings and style my hair into spikes just to look like me (who else?). On second thought, I think I might rather enjoy that. Hmm!

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