Six down, three to go!

I did good. I think. Remember I said we were 2 down and 7 to go on those Christmas gifts. Well, sudden inspiration hit us after a huge spicy Sunday morning breakfast, and between the girls and moi, we managed to find gifts for the 2 moms and 2 other teenaged girls.

We had to limit ourselves to fairly small gifts for the stocking though as we have to consider baggage weight! That’s 6 down and 3 to go! We haven’t figured out what to buy the other dad and the 2 young men. Sigh! I hope it will be easy but something tells me it won’t be.

At any rate, there will be lots of food gifts. Being a mom, I’m in the habit of feeding people 😆 . So I’m going to try to bring as many different types of food as I can and hope our new friends will enjoy ’em.

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