Another one done with high school

Yesterday was the last day of high school for Raine. Well, it’s the unofficial study break before the big exam later this month.

So she and her classmates were back at school today arranging the exam tables, picking up their graduation photos and saying their goodbyes and good lucks.

So technically, I have another teen out of high school and going to college after we get back from CA. Strangely enough, up till very recently, Raine couldn’t wait to get out of school. But of late, she’s been saying when she gets out of high school, she’ll be “old” and she doesn’t want to be old.

I remember feeling a little emotional myself in the days before I finished high school. It’s hard to leave behind those carefree days when you’re footloose and crazy without the pressures of “real life”, you know.

But now with college looming in the near future, all her friends have been on about what to major in and where to go to college, and I guess that can be a little scary for someone about to take their first step into the big big world outside.

As for me, I think I will miss my taxi runs with her and I’m a little nostalgic about my princess finishing school. At the same time, I’m so excited for her as she gets ready to pursue her dreams. Well, okay, she still hasn’t really decided what to major in but she will and I’m going to be there to cheer her on 😀 .

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One Comment

  • Jennifer

    hahah i love when kids say they are OLD. some girls i work with in their mid twenties thing 30 is SO OLD. and then i remind them i’m ten years older than they are and they always try to back track, oh not you you aren’t old.