Design over brand, or the other way around?

I ran into one of my gym buddies and we got on to a bit of small talk. Usually she has her eyes closed when she’s working out at the gym. Maybe she’s in deep meditation willing her body to lose weight or she’s trying to shut out the world. Go figure!

Anyhow, she started going on about Coach bags, how it’s such a hot item and so on. So I was saying how when I bought my first Coach bag 15 years ago, few people seemed to have even heard of it back then. But now, everyone seems to want a piece of it… and it’s all good, I said, but I’m the sort who would buy the bag because I like the design, not because of the brand.

Silence. I looked across at her and her eyes were closed. Oops, have I offended her by saying I would choose design over brand? Raine, my daughter, seems to think so. How do most women shop for bags, women’s sweaters and stuff, I wonder.

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  • Lanae

    I would say mos definitely shop by design first – but don’t you sometimes find a brand that makes cool designs so you go back to them when you need a new bag? That’s sort of what happened to me. I got into Coach in 2004, and was a devotee (with the exception of 1 Michael Kors bag) until this year. I have decided I am over it and ready for something new!

  • Elle

    Interesting post, I was given a coach as a gift about 10 years ago and have not purchased one since. It is not because I don’t like their designs, I’m just not a purse person. With that said, design trumps everything; especially because it is lots of money coming out of your own pocket.