No-shopping weekend, us??

So we decided to stay home and not hit the malls at all this weekend. I think I may finally have to admit that I’m getting tired of the mall because this time of year, it’s so crowded with miscellaneous characters from goodness knows where!

I even decided to skip groceries this weekend, something I’ve never done before! No big deal though since I’m a chronic bulk shopper so it’s not like my pantry and freezer are ever bare like Mother Hubbard’s. We won’t starve!

On the other hand, we’ve been shopping online for winter wear in anticipation of our upcoming Christmas in CA! Since it’s summer here all year, the girls have to practically shop for winter clothing from scratch! They don’t mind it, of course! Raine is already proclaiming her love for winter shopping 🙄 !

As for me, I’m just glad I can do my shopping over “there” where the selections, quality and prices are far better than they are over “here”. We ordered this soft and sexy multi-way wrap from Victoria Secret! In our hot, sweltering weather, the best we can manage is to look soft and sweaty. Soft and sexy, not so much 😆 !

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