I know my posts have been a little lethargic of late which entirely reflects the mood of this blogger. It’s so hard to get cranking again once I’ve slowed down and allowed myself to get distracted.

I spend most of my mornings and evenings skyping with Steev who, incidentally, is getting along fabulously with his Roomie. So far, he hasn’t mentioned that he’s homesick. I guess that’s because we talk for hours every day it’s almost like he’s right here at home 😆 .

Raine is busy flaunting the tote bags that I bought her. She’d never carried a handbag before this and now she’s suddenly so grown-up. Not to mention that it’s still tickles me to see Skye fishing out her new toy, her cell phone, from her pocket.

These are still days of mixed feelings for me. Now when we go out or eat out, it’s just us girls. There’s someone missing, the one with the booming voice and a way of describing things that has us in knots of laughter. He’s very far away and we all miss him.

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