Another one of those, so soon?

So one crazy day follows another. With my two eager-beaver gym partners, aka Raine and Skye, we set out early to the gym where we had a great workout. Hungry and tired, we decide to go grab a quick lunch. But guess what? My cell phone rings and we had to rush out to play Good Samaritan to someone stranded on the highway without a car.

Just then, I realize that my road tax is expiring the next day and I need to get it renewed pronto. Great! Now I have to go get that done before the offices close. Just our luck that the only guy at the insurance office who was working the lunchtime shift, was doing everything in slow mo. I was third in line and had a wait for ages.

Hmm, by the time we finally get to the lunch place we’d picked out, it’s way past 2pm and we’re almost faint with hunger! Not good! I don’t like to starve especially after a vigorous workout!

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