Sidetracked, slightly!

So every night, we’re huddled over our computers conspiring over what to buy online. It’s a sign we might need to go to rehab but right now, our excuse is we just have to buy some winter clothing online for our upcoming trip to CA. Nope, we won’t be going on Orlando vacations this time, just Disneyland and the west coast.

The weather is supposedly quite warm for this time of year, according to Steev but still, we don’t want to freeze our butts off so we’d better go prepared. In fact, we even went to the mall to check out their winter wear and well, the designs seem to be rather caveman-ish and very expensive so it’s back to shopping online.

For all of our good intentions, we haven’t picked out a single item of winter clothing as of now after 3 whole days of endless searching. Instead we’ve just landed a stash of irresistibly cute stuff from Victoria’s Secret. I think we might’ve gotten sidetracked 😆 !!

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One Comment

  • Tatom

    It was in the 90’s yesterday in San Diego County. That’s just crazy for this time. Old Navy is having some great deals on Outerwear.