Just one of those days

So yesterday turned out to be one of those days! I had a shouting match of sorts with my mechanic. Too bad I’m not your everyday sweet as candy women who will quietly stand there, head bowed and take crap from someone just because he’s a man!

I don’t know, I could be wrong but I’m assuming he assumes he can get away with bullying me, a woman driver who, he assumes, has no idea where anything is in the car she’s driving except maybe for where the steering wheel is situated.

Okay, so maybe he could’ve gotten away with it if he’d said something even remotely intelligent but in this case, he really, seriously should consider using his brains before he even opens his mouth. Yes, he would be surprised to know that I DO know the spare tire is located in the back underneath the undercarriage of my minivan!

Good thing the day did eventually take a turn for the better in spite of a morning spent in a stuffy gym and being trapped in my car with a garbage truck parked right next to me!

To make up for our stinky morning, the girls and I went to Chili’s for a quick bite to eat before going to watch “Takers”. Any movie with Paul Walker has got to brighten up my day though I was feeling a little dizzy. Not sure why but I’m guessing it’s either got to do with Paul or the way the movie sequences were pieced together. Gotta be Paul, swoon!

And it would’ve been a great night out too if not for the person sitting next to me in the cinema!! Yes, the woman decked out in costume jewelry who walked into the cinema late, positively molested my kneecap (eww!) and rubbed my arm just to ask what movie it is we’re watching?!!

Kinda kills your mood, ya know! I had to spend the night sitting like the Leaning Tower of Pisa slanted west towards Raine trying to avoid being assaulted again! Just one of those days! What can I say?

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One Comment

  • Jennifer

    i finally found a mechanic who owns his own shop, it’s not a chain and he’s so nice, he won’t do unnecessary work and tries to help you make it as cheap a repair as possible