Plans for the winter

Okay, Disneyland Hong Kong went out the window after we heard from friends about the crowd control problems there (perceived or otherwise). Anyhow a Chinese-speaking Minnie and Mickey just wouldn’t be the same 😆 . The theme parks at Gold Coast, Australia and the recently opened Universal Studios in Singapore were suggested to us by well-meaning relatives.

But no, none of the above for us. Instead we’re heading to Disneyland, Anaheim and we’re going to do the whole theme park bit. Yippydidooo! It’ll be our first time visiting in the winter so the girls and I are busy checking out winter clothing and ugg boots online.

Does anyone who’s been to Disneyland in the winter have any travel and shopping tips for us?

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  • jennifer

    I have only been to Disneyland in September. During the school year is a great time to go, not as many people there middle of the week. We barely had to wait in lines to get on rides. My sister in law went a month prior in the middle of summer and said some rides had a 2 hour wait.