Not maid for us

Unlike many families, we don’t have a maid. I’d love to have one, and often wish I had one because of how much I loathe housework. Then again, I think that having a stranger in the house would be a major intrusion on our lives.

Right now, we can pretty much leave our stuff all over the house without a second thought. But if we had a maid living in our home who is a complete stranger, it would be a different story.

Besides I’ve heard countless stories from friends and families who haven’t been so lucky with maids. Sure, their homes and cars are sparkling clean, and mealtimes are eat and run, there’s always the hidden dangers of pilferage, transmittable diseases such as herpes simplex virus and loss of privacy.

Not all maids are bad, of course, and I’ve heard many maids who become almost like family but that trust will take a while to develop.

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One Comment

  • jennifer

    I would like a maid who came to my house every other week and did some heavy cleaning. I have a two story house but the entire thing is not two stories. meaning my living room and dining room area just have huge vaulted ceilings and windows way up at the top there that i cannot reach without a ladder i need someone to come to my house and clean up high.