Working up to our own mini-marathon

These days, I’m all about the gym. Or rather, we are. I have a gym partner now – Raine, my almost 17 year old who is just as excited about this whole thing as I am.

Yesterday Raine and I each skiied 1 km, walked 1.5 km and rowed 2 km and then went on to sweat it out with another hour’s worth of workouts. Great stuff! See, the best thing about having a partner/s is that we can challenge each other.

When Skye joins us after her exams, we’ll get her up to speed and then we’re going to have our own mini-marathon. How’s that? Can’t wait! Watch out, coogi clothing, here we come!

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  • kristin

    Hi there 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by earlier – I decided to update my post with this information after your question – it was a good one!

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    Until later – hugs!