Disciplining other people’s kids

After a spicy curry lunch, Raine and I are sitting around chatting for a minute before proceeding to the grocery store. Just then, a mother and her toddler plonk themselves down at the table next to us… which would be fine except then, the child starts bawling and beating the table… which really starts to annoy me!!

I know, I know, being a mom, I should be very used to bawling kids and childish tantrums. Well, actually no, my kids were never like that! So I have an extremely low tolerance for tantrum-related behavior and sometimes I feel like hauling up people’s kids and giving them a good ticking off. Come to think of it, I have 😆 .

If I see kids zipping between the racks, running around people’s legs and knocking down cans andscopes, and their parents are nowhere in sight or pretending not to notice, I would tell them off “Stop running around!!” and give them my killer stare. Yes, I have this killer stare that stops kids (and adults) instantly and freezes them in mid-action, bwahaha!

No, I’m not being mean or interfering, I just don’t understand why some parents don’t, or simply won’t, discipline their kids. I don’t believe in spanking kids either but with some kids, it just has to be done, period!

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