Gate-crashed my daughter’s graduation

Oh, did I mention we gate-crashed Raine’s high school graduation ceremony (here is what she wore)? Would you believe me if I told you we didn’t do it on purpose?

Well, the deadline for ticket purchase was over by the time I decided to bite the bullet and pay another $15 each for Skye and me to attend, on top of the $50 Raine has already paid the school to receive a bouquet of flowers and a scroll!!

So on the morning itself, Skye and I dropped Raine off at the event. Since we were early, we walked her all the way to the hall. None of Raine’s friends was there yet so we decided to register first, then hang around with Raine till her friends arrived.

The school prefect who was manning the registration desk shoved 2 tickets into my hand and nodded us to the door. Hmm! Why not? I thought. Skye and I would just attend the ceremony and snap pictures of Raine in her graduation robe but we wouldn’t stay for lunch since we hadn’t paid. Fair enough, right?

So yeah, we were pretty pleased with ourselves. Didn’t feel one iota of remorse for what we did as we got some really great shots of Raine for our family album 😉 .

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