She rocks her own style!

So finally Raine’s high school graduation ceremony is here. Remember my post about her wondering what she should wear. As expected, most of the “cool” girls came dressed to the nines – supermini skirts, 6″ heels and makeup.

But trust my very down-to-earth Raine to step out boldly in her own style – looking chic without looking too “cool” 😉 . She wore a pair of black pants with this sheer lace top (which I bought her from Forever 21) with a tube top underneath.

She had on a single hoop earring on her right ear and a stud on the left. And to set off her all-black outfit, she painted her finger and toe nails blue, red and green, and wore a pair of floral wedges to match her happy nails.

I must say she has excellent taste and looked outstanding! (even if I do say so myself 😉 )

We took tons of photos and I’m thinking years from now, when this group of teens look at these pictures again, some of the girls will be moms with kids and some of the boys will be men with a sancho panza dangling from the corners of their mouths.

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