So much going on…

That was a great workout I had at the gym today. To be honest, working out is all I can think about these days. If anyone had told me it could get so addictive, I’d never have believed them! So I’m spending quite a bit of time there and yes, I know I’m supposed to be working hard…

… but my eyes just keep straying across the room. No, no, no, rest assured there are no hunks (read: cute guys) to check out on this side of Planet Earth! Twenty hours away, yes. But definitely not here 😆 !

Truly the gym’s an interesting hub of activity, there’s so much going on and I’m distracted. So there I am, doing my thang and observing everyone and I’m seeing people:

  • hogging the cardio machines for hours
  • discussing where would be a good place to go eat after gym
  • talking loudly as if there’s no one else in the room
  • trying to tone their triceps using their shoulders
  • slamming down the weights after each rep
  • hogging the floor space by falling asleep on the floor mat
  • mimicking MY workouts (WTH!!).
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  • jennifer

    when I used to go the gym there was this early 20 something girl that would show up in the tiniest outfits. she had a great body so of course i stared, everyone stared. she always looked so insulted if you caught her. there was also a lady that was there every day i was there and she’d get on the elliptical and go real slow so she could talk to her friend on the phone the entire time. ANNOYING

  • Stephanie Hubbard

    I’ve been going to Bar Method – totally addicted – and they are so good about corrections – even when I start to do it wrong it’s not for long! Best workout ever…..Thanks for sharing about workouts!