Yucky cutlery

I have to confess I am a food snob. I got spoilt when my office moved to a spanking new building with good restaurants and a fairly clean food court, and I would eat there every day in air-conditioned comfort. No need to step out onto the streets downstairs, no need to have a hair out of place just going to lunch. It was nice!

But it also made me OCD about the eating places that I frequented from that point on. I’m very wary of going to dirty eating places and I would always wear my sneakers, never open-toed shoes, if I was forced to go to those kinds of places. Yeah, I get a lot of sneers and disapproving looks from folks who think I’m being too fussy. If I’m fussy, I’m fussy. Learn to live with it, people!!

Last weekend, I was craving wonton noodles and decided to revisit a restaurant I used to frequent long ago. First time back after many years and they expect me to eat with dirty chopsticks. Yuck! The place is fairly new and clean but their cutlery is filthy!! So I’m never going back, hehehe! They lost me foreva!!!

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