Shopping overdose, can you blame me?

So another weekend’s come and gone. Since coming back from sunny Cal, I haven’t felt much like shopping. Now, not feeling like shopping is not me. at all! I’m always up for shopping, no matter how far or near. Since when have I ever passed up on an opportunity to shop?

So yup, shopping is very much in my blood! My check-in luggage coming back from Cal this time weighed 59lbs, and that’s for just one piece of luggage. It was so crammed I had to sit on it to make it close.

Along with my shopping haul of 5 pairs of shoes, handbags, backpacks, kitchen utensils, cosmetics, 5 lbs of gummy bears and 5 lbs of M&Ms and other food, here’s part of my stash from Forever 21, …

… sneakers for Skye,

… and purses for Raine and me.

I almost feared I’d have a lot of explaining to do at Customs but the officer took one look at my disheveled hair and sleepy eyes and probably figured, “nah, she don’t look like a shopper, that one!” and lazily waved me on! Shweet!

I confess I truly OD’d on shopping this time. So happy ’bout that! Local shopping pales in comparison with shopping in Cal so I’m saving all my shopping for my next trip there 😛 . Can you blame me?

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