Random ramblings

So I’m still trying to get the hang of daily life. I walk into the gym and the door wouldn’t open. I’m like, ack, did they change the door while I was gone? We go for dinner at Friday’s and the menu has changed. So what else is new?

Welcome back to the city, Clairity, where cars take 3 lanes to turn and try to run pedestrians and each other off the road; where it’s okay to walk right into someone without an ‘excuse me’ or ‘I’m sorry’; where I cannot leave the house in my shorts or tanks without a hundred dirty old men detaching their eyeballs. All the reasons I love this fair city!

On a happier note, I went to a wedding dinner and was thrilled that several co-workers I used to work with at my very first job were also there. Somewhere along the line, we all got busy with life and lost touch for 20 years. We were all swinging singles back then and now we’re talking about where our kids are working or studying. Amazing how time flies!

Skye, my 14-year-old, is thrilled she has “inherited” Steev’s cell phone number. She couldn’t wait for it to ring, so Raine and I had to text her something silly just to make her happy 😉 .

And that was my weekend. How was yours?

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  • Jennifer

    so you’re saying people were much more polite in CA?
    When I go to northern CA it’s always full of tourists who are rude. When I go to southern CA it’s always full of tourists who are rude and half naked in the heat .I am not a huge fan of CA.

  • Heather

    Hi!! I found your post on bloggy moms. My weekend has been frequent trips to the john because my toddler got me sick. And the week was filled with midnight toddler puke. Probably not the response you thought you’d get when you asked how your weekend was! 😉

    • Clairity

      Yes, compared to where I live (way across on the other side of the planet), things are definitely much worse.

      Happens to the best of us, some weekends are better than others. Hope your weekend gets better.

  • jenchehung

    what a weekend you had clairity!!

    to be honest – I cant remember what happened over the weekend. my memory is that bad – maybe I should really sit for 5 minutes to think eh? its only wednesday here too!!

    have a great day!
    jen @ charmoflife.ca