What do they call moms like me again?

So it seems my bedtimes and mealtimes are still out of whack. After 6 weeks away in California, I’m still in a daze here and getting very little done except enjoying my girls and cooking their favorite food (which they miss so much!).

Okay, I’m being a bum here, I admit, spending long hours talking to Steev and generally lazing around. One day, we actually talked for 5 hours straight without realizing it. Yes, I miss him and want to know what he’s up to. What do they call moms like me again? Hoverholics? 😆

Well, it’s only been a week since I left. We’re all just now trying to get into our new routines, both him and us. Gimme a couple more weeks and I suspect I will stop behaving like an alien spaceship 😯 !

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