Tales from the air

So I got to the airport and plonked my one and only bag on the weighing scale and whoa, I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life. Wouldn’t you be if you were told pointblank “You’re 9 lbs overweight, ma’am”? Yikes, does it really show? All those tostada salads and In-and-Out burgers! But seriously, I’m grateful she let me reorganize my bag and shift some of that weight to my carry-on and save me having to fork out $50 too!

At LA Airport, I was attended to by not one but 3 Japanese staff from Nippon Air who gave me great seats on my next 2 flights. And who went out of their way to ensure I don’t lose my bag again this time. Thing is I’m not even a very important person 😉 .

I’m always amazed at how many nice folks I’ve met on my travels. And this trip was no different. From the man on his way to Lima, Peru to the couple who helped me heave my rock of a carry-on bag to the overhead compartment, the world is full of friendly people. I guess that’s what makes a long haul flight bearable!

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  • Connie Shigenaka

    I love getting comments too..You have a great site here and I will be adding your button to both of my blogs 🙂 The airport story is great! I am about to go to Seattle…the first time since I was 11 that I will be flying…scary, and exciting at the same time! Thanks for the compliments on twitter and for the direct message…if you get time please visit my blogs to see if you like your button being on there…good luck to you…I will be back to visit again 🙂

  • marina delvecchio

    Hey Clairity, where are you off to? Haven’t traveled in a while, but I love plane rides. It’s as if everyone is involved in this great adventure…

    See ya on the blogosphere and on Twitter!

    Marina @ marinagraphy.com