Hard to leave

It’s been another busy weekend, one that I wished would go by more slowly. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if time stood still. Looks like my ‘vacation’ is coming to an end and it’s my last weekend here with Steev before I leave.

We went shopping to stock up on food for him and do the last-minute stuff. I’m cleaning up his room and doing the laundry now. I’ll be cooking him a stash of food to last him for this first week at least. I wish I could stay and look after him. It’s so hard to leave him so far away.

But I’m glad I came to help him settle in and I love that we got this chance to spend quality time together, just the two of us. In these past few weeks, I’ve watched him become instantly more independent. Classes are in full swing now and keeping him busy, and he has a good roommate. I think he’ll be okay. Guess I’m just not that good at goodbyes, that’s all 🙁 .

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