Joy ride

I have been renting a car on weekends to take Steev shopping. The people who work at the car rental probably know me by now 😀 . Last weekend, I was there again on a Friday and they gave me a shiny red Kia Rio which is the smallest car they have and probably the cutest too.

Except its stiff steering wheel gave my arms a deadly workout (which reminds me, I haven’t been to the gym in months!), its windows have to be cranked up like my grandma’s sewing machine, and it has no central locking (which means I have to open the door with the key, then slide across to the passenger side to open the door for Steev which wouldn’t be so bad if I weren’t aching all over from all that packing and moving!).

Saturday morning, Steev and I were planning to drive out of town to Tulare and I honestly could not see how my arms were going to take that long distance beating. So I took the car back in to the rental place and asked for a swap.

Well, guess what? They were out of compact cars! I heard the manager telling one of the guys to give me another car. Just great! What I didn’t know was they were going to give me a quadruple upgrade – a Kia Optima – which would’ve cost me double the rental, only I’m getting it for the same price + car insurance.

It’s a luxury car, the manager tells me, it’s top of the line. Sweet! It’s automatic everything. It runs like a cheetah. It’s sleek, silent and powerful. Such a joy!

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