I’m not sure what McD’s serves in other places but in California, we were pleasantly surprised to see burritos on their breakfast menu. Steev is a newly-converted burrito freak and has been ordering it everywhere he goes.

But I find the crumbly texture of their Sausage McBiscuit much more interesting than my usual McMuffin. See, I even took a photo of it from an unusual angle 😉 .

Our most interesting discovery by far has to be this Mocha Frappe which is as good as the one from Starbucks but less expensive. They’re really generous with the cream too. Sadly though, to me, cream screams natural weight loss pills and I had to scoop most of it out! The rest of it is super-Cali-frappe-listicexpialidocious, what can I say?! Slurp! Burp!

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