Greener pastures

You’ll be glad to know we got the heck out of there as fast as we could! Steev has moved into an apartment near campus. That sure beats taking the bus to/from the home of Mrs Control Freak and that short walk will be a great fat burner for him too.

He’s nicely settled in now sharing a two-room apartment with a Californian guy who attends the same college. The apartment is furnished and pretty nice. Roomie is fortunately the quiet type who is serious about school and doesn’t smoke or drink. Just like Steev. Perfect!

His mom has set him up with all the home and kitchenware he’ll ever need, and he has very generously offered to let Steev use them. You cannot imagine what a big relief that is for me. It’s saved us from having to acquire everything from scratch.

We’ve only had to get the stuff for Steev’s room and bathrooom and even then, with the semester in full swing, it’s taken us like a week (between classes and homework) to shop for stuff like bedding, laundry and bathroom items, small appliances and basic groceries for simple cooking.

Last weekend, Roomie went home to his parents’ house and brought back a TV set just for Steev. What a nice guy! And good thing too that we decided to move. Steev is much happier now though he’s on his own and will have to do his own cooking and cleaning. I reckon he’ll adapt pretty quickly. Not a problem!

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